There is a FREE "activation fee" option over a 24 month contract. ($99 disconnection fee for the lot)
this need to be promoted to get people across from t'com.

Disconnection is now $99 flat rate, no more $199 etc.

PC card modem avail for $99 connection/12 month contract (there were $499 to buy)

Downgrades from voice+data -> data are free of charge now.

There is a $1 down payment then $10 over 10 months option if you don't have upfront cash.
Double both those for a gateway (phone connection set)

But they are still touting the "sky model"

Big difference, Sky cost me $49 to install, a tech came out, and I got a free phone jack and 10 metres of cabling and a free satellite dish. (decoder is returned after NDS card was decry ........ahem... "misplaced".)

Woosh costs me $199, I get no tech, No booster ant, no free "professionally" installed phone extension box, I gotta return the LOT and be shafted with a 12 month contract. this does put customers off.

WOOSH ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO DROP TELECOM! drop the startup fees to something more resonable!
Do it fast before that local loop unbundling takes place.

BAD changes... Esp the second one down.

Data roaming surcharge, $20 a month. (has been for some time)
(some got "free roaming for life" you are exempt)

Voice roaming surcharges, 25c per minute! YIKES! (more than 50KM from home address)

Dial-up surcharge now in effect, was free, Now ANY backup use will cost you $9.95
(if they're gonna charge you,, why not "use" so the rellies down the line have cheap Dial-up)

I think it's time to play Hackinthabox and hack the woosh "gateway" to work on any old SIP like iTalk, there must be a webclient access to the beast....