I have a Dutch email account that I have started receiving bizarre phishing mails on. The mails purport to be from or about an energy utility. I have had these in the past. They try to get you to click on a link by posting something alarming about your energy bill about to skyrocket unless you take some immediate action. This is an old scam and there is nothing special about it.


What is new is that the texts I am now receiving are very long, several pages, and composed of absolute garble. There are sentences that make sense but they are often truncated or run together with something else about an entirely different matter. They are kind of a random mish-mash having nothing at all to do with the subject heading, which is always about my energy bill suddenly about to increase dramatically. 


The emails usually come from a domain I have never heard of (someone@something.men). They are in Dutch. I have started receiving them on a daily basis.


Because of the very long garbled nonsense text in the emails, and the earlier ones I have had that did actually make sense, I assume this has something to do with an out-of control spambot that has been incorrectly programmed and let loose. I am not bothered by these and I am certainly not about to click on the included links, but I am curious. Can anyone offer more detail on this kind of thing, and what might have gone wrong that is causing these nonsense emails to be generated?