I purchased a WD MyBook World Edition a couple of years ago, which promptly died just out of warranty.  Full credit to WD who replaced it with a MyBook Live Duo NAS drive since my previous model was no longer in production.

My intent was to use it for Time Machine backups but the transfer speeds saw nearly two days for an initial 400GB backup to complete.  That was OK, but after about 3-4 weeks, Time Machine would need to rebuild the sparse bundle hence a new backup from scratch.   This happened time and time again (excuse the pun) so I gave up on the NAS drive and have been backing up to a simple USB drive, with no issues whatsoever (and, the initial backup was only a matter of hours, not days).

I decided to use the WD Live Duo to hold RAW video and image files which were filling up my hard drive.  Last night, I started a transfer of 340GB in one directory which, watching Activity Monitor on my iMac, started out at around 15MB/S transfer rate, and estimated a completion time of six hours.  Fair enough I thought, and went to bed.   This morning, the transfer is still going at 345kb/Sec with six hours remaining.

The NAS drive is connected via ethernet cable to my Orcon Genius Router which connects also via ethernet to my Mac.  I know this router is not gigabit, but surely I'd expect faster transfer speeds than this?  

I'm no networking expert by any stretch, but has anyone else here used a WD MyBook Live Duo and found similar issues?  It's perhaps not a Time Machine issue given the slow transfer of the directory I'm currently moving.  Perhaps it's something to do with large file transfers in general with this box?

The WD forums have a reasonable amount of similar complaints with no real answers that I can see.

Any ideas folks?