Hi everyone!

Yesterday I bought my second Trust Bluetooth 2.0 EDR USB adapter for my PC (with Windows 2000 Pro SP4). My first adapter I use on my laptop with Windows XP Home SP 2. There is an availability of sharing the Internet over Bluetooth between the computers. I have got an Internet connection via WirelessLAN, which is on my PC with Windows 2000. So the problem is there that how can I share my Internet-connection over Bluetooth for my laptop (WinXP)? How can I configure the computers for it? For both adapters I use the WIDCOMM Bluetooth software that I have gotten along with these adapters.

I've found here on Geekzone a guide to share the internet over bluetooth between Win2000 computers, but in my case only my desktop PC runs Win2000, the second computer XP. I've tried to share the internet, but it didnt work.

Please help me. What should I do to correctly share my Internet-connection?

Thanks in advance.