Hi, I'm Irlanto from Indonesia. I'm not good in English. I'll try to explain it, I hope u get it.

Few days ago, I'm trying to install a bluetooth device (Billionton USBBT02-B).
I'm using BTW for bluetooth driver.
I try to activate the bluetooth, but it always shows this message:
"Your Bluetooth Software license does not include use with this Bluetooth Device. [6]"

I've read the thread "Solution: Windows XP SP2 problems with WIDCOMM Bluetooth driver"
I'm using Windows XP SP1 instead of Windows XP SP2 as said there.

I already try the suggestion from that thread, but the problem is still occurred.
There should be two Bluetooth icons in the system tray; one blue-white: this is the Windows driver - and one blue-red: this is the WIDCOMM driver which is deactivated.

It doesn't go this way also when I do those suggestion.
There is only one Bluetooth icon in the system tray, and it doesn't goes Blue-White after I'm doing all those stuffs.

Thanks before.