Hi all

Have been through a number of weeks trial with Powerhouse Manukau with a Linksys Media Extender after buying a new laptop and wireless router/moden to make it all happen.  After 5 visits from them to get it going I am at the end of my patience (latest issue is Extender randomly disconnecting itself from the PC network) and have told them to take it back and refund.  Nice guys they are, but not too knowledgeable on this system they are promoting and selling and it's been a trial and error experience for them as well.  After doing some netsearching I've found they should have sold me a Linksys Music Bridge which seems to be more what I need (want to drive the music from the laptop and choose my own media player).  To me, it would also be simpler process and hopefully less fraught with issues as the signal is only going one way (laptop to stereo system).  The product I've located is the WAG54GP2 Wireless-G ADSL2 Router.  It would make sense to stay wilth Linksys  as my brand new router/moden is same brand.  Anyone like to suggest otherwise??  Open to all ideas, as what was a simple concept of being able to stream my music on my laptop to my stereo has turned into a regrettable experience so far.