Calling Wifi geeks like @sbiddle ;) 


At the moment, I'm using 3 node google wifi set up that sits across 5 bedrooms plus a sleep out.


  • Primary node, in the mid rear of the house by the basement.
  • A satellite node in the living room at the front of the house, connected via ethernet. 
  • A satelite node in the sleepout (alu clad) connected via outdoor ethernet.

For 99% of the time, performance is 'ok' but we're finding that Wifi calling is very variable. Sometimes Wifi calling holds for 1-2 hours, other times seconds to minutes.
I'm not too sure whether this is related - sometimes its very prone to dropping when moving, sometimes holds calls between base stations and a lot of the time drops when stationary.


I've noticed a lot of comments about the suitability of Google Wifi - its got me thinking... what would you suggest?


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