Does anyone have experience of the Huawei Q2 Pro x 3 base pack?


I'm considering it as an alternative to the TP-Link Deco M5 3 pack that seems very popular but a ageing a little now.


One reason for considering the Q2 Pro is that I'll be using it with a Huawei B618s-65D wireless broadband router so hopefully no compatibility issues? Not sure the powerline backhaul will work flawlessly though.... had to work hard at getting a D-Link powerline to work properly but once it did it's been fine ... but only on certain circuits in the house - modern with good wiring and modern MSB.


Very little about the Q2 Pro on the web for some reason .... could either mean no-one uses it, or perhaps its so good that there's no problems to report!? PB Tech list it as a "popular" product, so perhaps it's the latter?