Managed to pair my Nokia 6255i and Palm LifeDrive no problem. Using the standard bluetooth driver on the Palm...since there doesn't seem to be specific drivers for the 6255i that I can find yet. (In fact I'm not sure Palm supplies ANY Nokia CDMA phone specific drivers...anyone know different?)

Can do dial-up to the internet (and 1x shortly with the Init string posted elsewhere on this form...thanks...guys...I still need some settings for *#DATA# for Bell Mobility.). Also can "beam" a Palm contact to the phone...which is cool.

But...I can't dial the phone from the Palm...when I initiate the dial either from the Dialer application or from the address book application...the Palm manages to find the phone...but then the Palm says "Can't complete request" and the phone says "Connection ended".

Any ideas how to get this to work?