Hi all,

Just posted this in the VoIP section, but maybe it's better suited in this forum:

I bought the Sony Ericsson HBH-35 after much searching around and reading a Geekzone review on it. It paired perfectly with my nokia 6600 and also my laptop. I have just started using iTalk (from Slingshot) as a VoIP service on my laptop which is part of the reason i bought this headset.

I can use the headset when making calls using the softphone slingshot provide (x-ten pro) which is great. I was just wondering if anyone has heard about any software which lets you use a bluetooth headset in *standby* mode on a laptop [or desktop], which will 'ring' when a softphone rings, and let you connect to full headset mode to answer the call.

PS, also using SJPhone on my pocket PC (HP hx4700) with iTalk and it's great - use your non phone edition pocket pc just like a phone with a local phone number (you'll need WiFi of course)!
How to use your pocket pc with a SIP: http://www.engadget.com/entry/6437880577833191/

If anyone knows about using a bluetooth headset on a laptop in standby mode please let me know!