I'm currently using the "free" TG585V7 modem from Telecom (actually with a different ISP but that's not important) on a DSL connection.

There's a paid Wi-fi solution in the area where I live and I was wondering if anybody has (successfully) managed to put the tg585 in a WDS connection. I'm considering ditching the ADSL because the quality is poor and the wi-fi seems like a good deal (signal is very good so the wireless router might be close by).

I have a VoIP adapter connected through ethernet to the modem so that's another question. Will the ethernet switch also work or only wireless connections?

I may ask silly questions but I haven't used WDS so far.

Also, I was wondering if the tg585 will act only as a transparrent bridge or will it be able to act as a router? Sometimes I miss my old linksys wrt54gl with dd-wrt installed on it where you could do almost anything ;)