Well, maybe a slightly different bridging question.

First off, I'm no ISO/OSI ninja by any stretch of the imagination so that's why I may not know my transport from my link layers.

I'll not launch into micro detail about my router issues but rather invite suggestions from the learned.

I have a Thomson TG585v7 Router and when you get into the CLI it seems to turn into a decent wee device.

I know traditionally when a router is put into bridge mode it acts mostly like a modem and only one PC/dvice can take advantage of the modem but the Thomson has a thing called 'Multi Bridge Instances'.

I've tried a few things to try and set-up two separate bridges using two different ATM phonebook entries, which is fine if the addr is different for both but a fail when it comes to two phonebook entries with the same addr (0.38... I'm in the UK). Tried two different bridges with the same ATM... also a no go apparently.

So, my question is, am I barking up the wrong tree here? Anyone got a better suggestion?

A couple of other things...
I'm making my PPPoE connection from an untangle box in 'Router Mode' - Rather router mode coz it'll make my openVPN set-up easier from host-to-host.

Could I use two different VLANs instead of going all the way with bridges?

So many questions.