The dreaded Telecom TG585v7

I've seen a couple of posts here and about a billion around the internet about this TG585v7 router and the fact it is absolutely useless at port forwarding/dmzing. Currently I'm playing PS3 with 2 seconds delay and multiple disconnects every hour, while every other aspect of our internet runs beautifully.

I have tried static ip'ing the PS3 and manually forwarding all of the ports, this does nothing. I actually think Telecom might have just broken port forwarding in their firmware to stop people from being able to download faster...

I have tried "DMZ" aka assign public IP address, but voila there is no entry for the PS3 as the router judges devices with a static IP not compatible for "DMZ" (you can only select devices for DMZ through a drop down menu).

I have basically tried every configuration of UPnP enabled/disabled, static/manual IP's, wired/wireless connection, port forwarding etc, and there is nothing I can do to get my PS3 past the router.

According to users of this modem from other countries a firmware upgrade fixes the problems, however from what I have read this is not possible on the Telecom branded modem? I'm surprised that out of the thousands of these awful routers Telecom gave out, that no one actually seems to know if this is true or not!

If anyone has any clue/suggestion/knowledge about this please help and if not a suggestion for a new router/modem combo would be great.

It's a home network running 3+ laptops, a couple of iPhones, a PS3. Don't think we are fussed about VOIP.