I recently bought a used GT4040 quadcopter of a mate for a good price.  Unfortunately it appears to be faulty.  (Mate is prepared to refund me but I’m keen to get it going).


I suspect it’s the radio receiver module that is at fault.  Sourcing a replacement is proving difficult.  I’ve ordered a replacement of AliExpress but it hasn’t shipped yet and the seller says it has to come from ‘the factory’ so I’m having some doubts.  Besides, I’d also like to get working on it soon rather than having to wait for it to get here


Does anyone here have a broken or faulty one of these drones that they’re no longer using and are looking to off-load so I can salvage the receiver from it (and possibly the S4 flight controller ‘brain’ as well).  My max budget is $50.  (I really don’t want to spend any more than that, there’s every chance that once I have a working drone it’ll just end up sitting on the shelf gathering dust.)