I am mucking out my office before we move and have a number of camera bags no longer fulfilling their purpose in life.





  1. Think Tank Glass Taxi - $75
  2. Think Tank Urban Disguise - $100
  3. LowePro Magnum 650 - $100
  4. Tenba Messenger - $50




All in good condition and prices are +$10 shipping.




If anyone is interested, I have a vintage 1970's Billingham 550 as well. This is a sought after bag that would complement a vintage camera kit (as well as being cool for a modern one). Obviously it is a bit battle scarred given the age but it has been repaired by Billingham in the UK who replaced a broken zip, replaced the inside with the modern version of the padded interiour and re-stitched the webbing shoulder strap.


Following the repairs, this bag has plenty of life - decades - still to go. If you are genuinely interested, I will send photos. It'll be $400 though plus $10 shipping.




I'll be putting these on Trade Me but will leave it a week in case anyone here is interested.