These are boxed, never used, Silver 1 stand mount/bookshelf speakers.  They are gloss white. I bought these before our renovation, to use as our surround L/R front speakers.  However, we ended up going with in-wall speakers, so they are now surplus to requirements.


 - 2-way speakers
 - 100W into 8 ohms
 - 312 H x 185 W x 240 D (all mm)
 - 6" bass driver and 1" gold dome tweater
 - magnetic grille fixing


In my view the Monitor Audio Silver series is entry level into audiophile performance and the sweet spot in terms of performance vs affordability.  I currently have the Silver 5i floorstanders as my main two-channel stereo speakers and they're brilliant.


I'm looking for $950 for these.  They retailed for around $1,300.  In terms of the current lineup, they fall between the Silver 50 and Silver 100, which retail for $1,200 and $1,600 respectively.


Buyer can pickup in Birkenhead, Auckland, or we can arrange delivery