I'm trying to find one of these ADC to DVI adapters in order to hook up a LCD as a 2nd display for a workmate using an older G4 Power Mac

The adapter looks like this:

Neither Magnum Mac or TotallyMac have stock and the price seems a rip at $86 + GST.  Belkin make one (part #: F2E9142-WHT) which I see for sale on Amazon but I'd rather buy locally if possible even 2nd hand is fine.

Anyone seen these around or got a spare one lying idle they want to flick off?

The other options are:

1: Get a Mac compatible PCI video card, eg: ATI made a Radeon 7000 Mac edition that would do the job. If you have something like that I might be interested.
2: Replace the AGP video card with one that has dual DVI outputs (instead of 1x DVI and 1x ADC).

Something cheap and 2nd hand that still works would be ideal.