Evening all,


Just thought I'd throw this out there for some clarification over whether I have my WAN connection correctly set (or not).


-I use PFsense running as a VM on Proxmox. This setup has been running fine for a long time now.
-I've been connected to Slingshot via fibre using PPPoE with VLAN 10, plan was only the 100/20Mbps one.
-As of very recently, the Slingshot connection method had changed to IPoE (DHCP) instead of PPPoE, however I've held onto my PPPoE connection as I was never told to change it by Slingshot.
-Connection was moved to Orcon today on the 950/450 plan, and their website states to use IPoE with VLAN 10 for the WAN settings. I've never used PFsense with a DHCP WAN connection.




Problem: (maybe?)
-I changed my WAN settings to DHCP with VLAN 10, but it doesn't establish a connection. I do however receive a WAN IP (as stated under interface details). The "Gateway" remains offline.


-If I change my WAN settings back to PPPoE complete with Slingshot credentials, I establish a connection but with a new public IP address, and the speed is clearly much faster than my old 100/20 speed.

-Out of interest, I thought I'd try the Orcon supplied router & it established a connection last night when I was still "connected" to slingshot, and it also establishes a connection now when connected to Orcon. To be honest, I'm not surprised by this at all, however I'm not sure why I can't seem to get PFsense to connect with DHCP & VLAN 10.


Either I'm missing a basic setting in PFsense, or my connection with Orcon/Slingshot is in some weird in-between state at the moment. My internet is working, however I'd like to be using the set method as specified by the ISP.


Is any of this understandable? Probably not haha.