Is anyone else on orcon and having trouble with www.direct2drive.com ?

Whenever I try to buy anything I get a blank page.

It works fine from my work connection with a diferent ISP. If I purchase stuff from my work connection I can download it via orcon - it is just the payment step that is not working (with 3 different browsers and tried on XP and 7).

As they have a sale on at the moment I would like it to be fixed. I have reported the fault with them but I recall it being like this back in January and I would like to know if anyone else gets the same problem.

You can test it (without buying anything) by going to http://www.direct2drive.com/4/8286/product/Buy-Tropico-Reloaded-Download and clicking on checkout.



Edit - whoah speak of the devil - while I was posting this i got back a confirmation that they are logging the fault with the support team so I guess the issue has been confirmed.