I've just moved back to Wellington and after working in Enterprise IT for many years, am working for a much smaller company in a somewhat different role. For all intents and purposes however I am now the IT Department here, and as I am but one man (and only part of my role is the internal IT support), I'm looking to outsource a few pieces of work.


The companies I've mostly dealt with in the past were Datacom, Dimension Data & Computer Concepts, but particularly the first two I suspect focus more on large clients than SME needs. I'll still be reaching out to them but I'm looking for other recommendations too. 


I'm not necessarily looking for one company to do all these things, but these are some of the things that need doing that I'm looking at outsourcing.


  • Need an MS Licensing specialist to work through licensing options, and price up moving to VLK/SA from a total hodgepodge. Also a 365 migration will be in the pipeline, and possibly some System Centre licensing.
  • Adobe licensing specialist for similar reasons, mix of standalone licenses and cloud subs spread across multiple accounts and credit cards. 
  • Replacing the existing ISA Server proxy/reverse proxy, and possibly replacing the near EOL Cisco ASA's
  • Leased equipment supply (Desktops, servers, and possibly network hardware)
  • Replacing a mishmash of SOHO grade switches with something decent, managed and stacked
  • Pentesting of a LAMP based web application

Location is Tawa/Porirua area.