I was looking for software which allowed printing from my HTC Wildfire S [Marvel] (Android 2.3.3) direct to my own LAN or BT printers (ie not via “Cloud”).

Something to replace or better Westtek’s JETCET PRINT 5.2.1059 which I use on my Windows 6.5 HTC Touch Diamond 2. (by the way, Westtek has been promising “Support for Microsoft® Office® 2007 files coming soon!” for a long time, but nothing has eventuated.) 

Printer Anywhere’s Android PrinterShare 5.8.5 Premium seems to do the job.

Note that the term “Free” in regard to PrinterShare’s Android Market entry seems a stretch! The “Free” Android version is a limited trial only. To make it useful I had to upgrade to the non-free “Premium” version.

Prints successfully to my LAN-JetDirect HP LaserJet 4MV (only A4, not A3), to LAN-Bonjour HP PhotoSmart A516 and to BT connected Pentax PocketJet 3 Plus (using PrinterShare’s Brother PocketJet 663 driver).

Printing (pop) e-mail is not as convenient as for gmail (which has a dedicated shortcut in PrinterShare) however it is possible: "select" the body of the e-mail then choose "Share via". One option offered will be PrinterShare.