Hi @VygrNetworkMonkey,


Can be a guinea pig for your IPoE/DHCP implementation if that helps. I have worked as a network engineer for 10 years with lots of hands on experience. I am doing cloud stuff now but I managed my own gear at home since FreeBSD 4.5 (early 2000).


Very happy with the one off cost of a static IP. Do you request it on order or post order? Couldn't see the option in the ordering process. Nice clean website btw, congrats to your web devs.



Appreciate the offer @ohmer, but we are not taking any further testers on board at this stage. If that changes, I'll let you know.


The Static IP can be ordered when completing the order form, (second to last page from memory), or by simply requesting one later (once connected), and agreeing to the one-off cost.


Any issues, flick me a PM and I'l sort it for you.