These days people are quick to post negatives about the service they receive, and mostly thats a good thing.  Sometimes it is nice to balance this with reports of good service.

I bought a Brother printer from Noel Leeming in Hamilton and for one reason or another it would not work.  Brother messed me around so much that I just took the thing back to Noel Leeming ready for a fight.

I was not ready for what happened.  The Manager took me to one side, apologised prefusely and gave me a replacement of a different brand.  He then gave me a free 3 yr warranty.  I told him I wanted a digital camera and he let me have a Canon Cybershot for $189 with a free 3 yr warranty.

He said this was his way of apologising on behalf of Brother.   What amazing service, fantastic attitude and good savings.

It worked though, I have since bought a TV and Laptop from them.

Point is, the service and support is the best I have ever come across so well done to Noel Leeming and your staff in Hamilton.