Acer Aspire 5610
Intel Core Duo T2350 1.86GHz
Windows Vista Home Premium

I am currently in safe mode, its the only way to get the computer going.

The problem is that my laptop switches itself off with no warning on startup. It gets as far as the Black screen with the green loading bar then just switches off. AVG virus scan recognised a boot error, but didn't offer any help. I have tried using the Repair Startup option after hitting F8 just after bios post but even as that loads up the power goes. I was running a memory check a little while ago but the comp switched off half way throught that etc etc etc.  So far the only stable enviromment is safe mode; I need to be able to repair the boot problem from safe mode. is that possible? i wouldnt no where to start! on top of that i'm not sure what the problem is! is it poss to run the repair software from windows??

Any help would be appreciated!