Hi Guys,

I am looking for a SkyHD package that can record to a 12TB NAS as part of an install for a client. The Vu+ Duo seems like a great setup, but I wonder, since when you add channels (from what I understand reading other threads on geekzone) you have to dial in/pretune any channels before Sky unlocks them otherwise the Duo might miss them right? I think my client will just want the sports channels, but I really don't want them to have to pay me to come over and tweak their Duo every time they want a PPV boxing match. It is totally beyond their reach to do anything technical at all, the whole house is going through an Elan g! setup on iPads. Yes, it's that kind of an install.

I don't have a clue why there isn't an option with the standard MySky HD box to record to a network device but hey, that would be too forward thinking I guess.

Any thoughts or advice on doing this? Maybe if the client isn't going to record that much TV anyway (the NAS is for downloaded or ripped media + data storage) then maybe it's not worth the hassle? Or maybe it's better to stick with MySky HD and then change to a Vu+ Duo later down the track? 

Got 10 days before I finish up the install and we start programming the Elan g!...