So I signed up for the $5 month of Fan Pass to give it a try and see if the service will enable me to drop Sky which I currently get through Vodafone.


From what I see it should do the job and save me some $30 per month, but I've had a couple of issues and emailed them for help, and haven't be blown away by the support service received.


My first issue was that every time I tried to use the Android app I seem to need to log on, now this doesn't stop me using it, but is a bit of an annoyance. So logged a support about it thinking it was a defect, and after several back and forth emails (of which I got the feeling they didn't care of even see this as an issue, no reading my previous emails, and making me repeat myself) I'm told this is by design, and the app times out after an unknown period. Sure OK fine, a bit rubbish design, don't need to do this with the Netfix app...


Now watching Sky sport two on my PC and the sound is out of sync with the video which makes it un-watchable... Log a support call and am told there is no problem and I need to delete all by browser data and try again. Sigh... heard this before when having problems with Sky-Go.


Sorry Fan Pass I'm not impressed with your support.


How about you guys anyone else having similar issues or is it just me?