When I use the SKYGO app on my iphone or ipad it does not show any content in the TV guide and simply says "Sorry no data available" (refer attached photos). It also means when I am on the home page. What is "on now" simply shows a (null) value - again refer attached photo.


If I select a channel I can watch the content fine - i just dont know what its going to be! So when I want to watch sport I have to shuffle through the null value channels to find the sport I want to watch. Its annoying and I have put up with it for a while (over a year).


I have deleted the app from my devices and reloaded - still have the problem. I have also ensured I have the latest version.


I can watch the content fine when logging via web browser. Its only the app. But it occurs on all devices with the app.


I logged the issue with SKy and spent some time on the phone with them, it got escalated and they finally gave up saying wait for next update. I have had later updated and issue remains.


Over a year ago we were a Vodafone customer and had sky with them. We changed last year to Spark and went back to Sky directly. I was wondering if this had confused something with the apps. But Sky people did not think so.


any ideas?