I used to have The Daily Show (on C4) set up on series link before Xmas.   They stopped showing it for a while over the xmas break (because it wasn’t being made) but when it started up again recently I noticed a few funny things


1)     It no longer appeared on my planner as being a ‘series link’ item, so I missed quite a few episodes mid January (you can watch them on TDS website, so it’s not too much of a big deal).

2)     When I manually recorded a show, it was unable to use the green button to set series link. The option didn’t appear.

 I’ve noticed this for a few other shows too, regular episodes, but the series link option did not show up.   I thought at first it might be because my memory is close to full (about 15% free), but some shows still had series link enabled.

Any ideas?

 Hopefully when Comedy Central launches TDS will have series link enabled again :D