Can anyone tell me how to find the installer setup menu on the Mysky PACE tds460nnz


I have bought an ils104 magic eye from the UK with the aim of being able to change channels on my MySky box via a coaz link between the RF OUT 2 socket on the satellite digital receiver and my second TV.


The instructions state that the power needs to be turned on at the receiver (Mysky box) by


Ø       Services (services menu)

Ø       4 (system setup)

Ø       0

Ø       1

Ø       Press select

Ø       Select installer setup

Ø       Select 4 (FR outlets)

Ø       Cursor down to the second outlet power supply

Ø       Switch power on.


This will then make the little red light on the “magic eye” light up, indicating that all is functioning.


I currently have a TV up and running through the RF out 2 socket, but have to go through to the other room everytime I need to fast forward through commercials.  i.e. Too often


Any help gratefully received.