My primary VoIP phone service being troubled by interference (at another site in my ISP's network), I'm trying to set up a backup system using a 3G 900 MHz capable cellphone and a yagi antenna.

I've got a Motorola Defy with a predrilled replacement back and flylead supplied by a Brisbane company, and this setup works well, except that the Defy is faulty (battery?  charging circuitry?  software?  firmware?) and has to go back for assessment.

I've also got a now-idle Alcatel OT 918D.  It too has something that looks like a hidden antenna connector, but it does not fit any of the FME-to-3G-device flyleads I have around (one a model CRC9 for a Huawei E169 USB dongle and one, a bit larger, for a Vodafone-at-Home device).

Can anyone tell me the specifications of the Alcatel hidden antenna connector and whether any plugs or leads to fit that connector are commercially available?  It seems to need a plug with a slimmer sleeve and a stouter centre pin than the CRC9.

I've asked the Australian service agent for Alcatel but they cannot help; NZ-supplied 918Ds are supported by the same Australian agent and no one at TCL (Alcatel) is answering my enquiry.