I'm working on fixing a second-hand 6265 that doesn't display anything on screen, most of the time! Occasionally, it will very briefly flash up something that doesn't look like it is any of the normal operating screens, making me wonder if the firmware has gone bad. It makes calls just fine, and works with PCSuite as well. Also, no sounds, but that may be because beeps/sound are turned off? With the earphones connected, I have heard a beep on start up.

Have had the whole thing apart and have found no obvious signs of physical damage, except a crack on one corner of the case, so I'm picking that it has had a drop at some stage, but the screen itself is totally clean/apparently undamaged, and the fact that it does show a display sometimes (albeit briefly) gives me some cause for hope.

I'm wondering about the next best course of action. Have tried looking for firmware to re-flash it with, but try as I might I can find no copies of the image for a 6265 phone anywhere. It seems to be very poorly supported in that regard. Anybody have any pointers as to where I can look/find one, even just the current version? (I have SW V HL100V0400.nep 17/11/2005 on board, according to PCSuite.(or it might be 17/4/2005, can't read my own writing!))

Or is it more likely that the LCD backlight inverter is stuffed? Or something else??

Having read about how good the 6265 is from various members of this forum, I'm hoping I can re-inforce that perception by getting this baby running sweetly again! Any ideas/pointers welcome. Otherwise, I guess have a cheap source of spare parts for anyone with a partially damaged 6265 available!