I'm trying to troubleshoot a GPRS setup (on a WM5 device) in Perth and would like to confirm the settings for Telstra Australia.
I tried finding the settings + info on their site, but whenever I reach the point where I think they are about to give me the details I need, there's a nice line saying "...and for more information, call our team on 123456.....".

What I've learnt from google so far is:

APN: telstra.internet
Username & password: blank or guest/guest

What I'd like to know is:

(1) Will telstra.internet work with all account types?

(2) Is there any network optimization on this APN?
eg. In NZ with Vodafone, we have different APN's depending on what type of optimization + firewalling you want (or don't want).

Any other advice or comments regarding using Telstra's GPRS/GSM network would also be appreciated.

Nigel H.