Not a mobile handset I know but this seems the most appropriate forum!

I just got one of these and wanted to report on it in case anyone else is thinking of doing so. I found multifarious reviews and comments on line vacillating between excellent and awful, but took the plunge. I'm using it with an iPhone5 and an iMac.



  • Comfortable! Despite size, I barely notice it even for 6 or 7 hours a day
  • Secure fit - does not randomly fall off
  • Long battery life - 7 hours talk time and 11 hours standby (also an optional case with a hidden battery will charge it again)
  • Smart sensors - it knows when it is on your ear and when it is on your desk! Calls can be answered by just picking the headset up and putting it on - or swapped mid call by putting on/taking off
  • Works fine with Siri
  • Announces calls - e.g. says in your ear "Call from Tim. Answer or ignore?" and you can just say "Answer" or "Ignore"! Great in the car.
  • Nano coating repels moisture to extend operational life
  • Voice control options (built in - not Siri) will make the headset tell you what it is connected to, how much talk time remains, call back last caller and pair mode
  • Streams music passably well, which is paused and resumed automatically by calls



  • Limited headset customisation with Mac computer interface. The Windows interface offers much more - but Plantronics are working on providing equal functionality to the Mac version soon. You can now update firmware and change the language the headset uses on a Mac though
  • Cost - with the charging case, it costs about $180

I have found it works very well. Range is about 10 metres ish, depending on how many walls etc are in the way. With the phone in your pocket, there's no issue at all. Wind noise etc is pretty fair - I have had no complaints. Whether it would filter out the wind tunnel that is Featherston Street in Wellington on a blustery day I have not yet tested!

Battery life is as advertised. The charger is magnetic, like a Macbook, so if you snag it you won't rip anything out and break it. A nice feature.

Overall I recommend it, FWIW! I think there were some early firmware problems which caused some of the poor reviews - I have found none of the issues extant in the current firmware.