Hi all,
I am not sure if I am supposed to be posting this here, so apologies.
In the last week my menu/select key in my Nokia 6265 has decided to crap-out. So i tried resetting my phone and cleaning it, all of that...
and it worked for a few days. And now it wont work at all! I have text messeges waiting to be read and it wont let me into my menu.
All the other keys work, I can call people, I can scroll... but I cannot select or open the menu.
So I tried resetting it again by turning it off... IT DIDNT WORK! I am so bummed, because now it is asking me for my 'unlock code'... and when i press 'ok' it doesnt do anything!
So does anyone know how to fix it, or where? Cause I really dont want to get a new phone. I like my phone, and besides, I am a student, I can't afford a new phone!