I just upgraded my 2G iPhone to the 3.0 os yesterday using pwnage tool, and i'm having a couple issues that I can't figure out.

1) I can't turn casual data off! I used to use the www.iphone-vodafone.net.nz apn to disable data, then change it when I needed to use mobile data, but now, no matter what I put in, mobile data works. This is going start costing me some coin if I don't figure out how to fix it.

2) Half of my contact's aren't showing up in my messages inbox. What I mean by that is that a whole heap of my text message conversations are now showing up as phone numbers instead of contact names. Its happening with telecom numbers only, and not all of them (probably 90%) I've found that if I got into address book and change the 0 on the number to a +64 then their name will show in my inbox instead of there number, but I don't have to add +64 to my vodafone contacts, and a couple of my telecom ones didn't have the problem. Any guesses as to what's wrong. I really don't want to go through an manually add +64 to a couple of hundred contacts.

Thanks in advance for your help!