I bought a Motorola V550 recently, and the longer I've owned it, the more I've hated it! The thing thats pissing me off the most is that it won't accept file transfers from Sharp mobiles via Bluetooth. Why not?? The V525 will!! Ok, the V525 won't accept video files because of the format, but hey, I could at least live with that. My phone will accept files from a Panasonic X70, I haven't had a chance to try it with any other makes/models yet. Once I've paid of my phone, I'll be sellin it n gettin a Sharp GX25 - it takes better pictures, longer videos, has infra-red, and has a far better range of features. Stupid that the V550 costs more, don't get that.
Anyway, can anyone tell me why my phone won't accept photos even though its predecessor would??