I am not sure if I am in the right area but I am looking for some help on a couple of equations. ANy help would be appreciated so much.

Assuming a circular shape of a cell pattern with a radius of 4.04 miles for a cell in a cellular market of 1800 square miles coverage, what is the number of cells required in the market? Assume a pattern of frequency reuse of 5, what are the number of channels allocated for each cell if we assume 14 Mhz of spectrum for GSM technology implementation in the market? Assuming uniformed cells used through out the market, what is the erlang capacity of each cell with a grade of service of 1 percent? With an average of traffic usage of 0 .03 erlang for a each subscriber , what is the total number of subscriber that each cell can support simultaneously? What is the total subscribers served in the whole market? What is the minimum distance for co-cahnnel that can be repeated in this market? What is the minimum C/I ( carrier to interference ratio) for this network?
2. Assuming a microwave transmission link of 25 miles with a frequency operation of 1 GHz, what is the free space path loss? With a TV tower transmission height of 200 ft in this link, what would be the receiving antenna height with this 25 miles of TV broadcasting?

I am not really sure what formula to use with these questions. If you could help...man I would appreciate it so much.


Elvira Persson