Hi all

The other day I was offered an OTA update for the software on my HTC Wildfire.  I had a quick skim read of the details and proceeded.  Since the update the WIFI is no longer works, I get the message "Unable to start WI-FI". I think the update was for the firmware to 2.1 update 1

Has anyone else experienced this and know of a solution.  I googled the issue and it seems I am not the only one who has been affected by this (though it looks like it has been a problem for awhile and in hindsight I wish I had read up about the update before proceeding with it).  From what I can see the only solution is to root the phone and load a custom ROM though I'd like to know if there is a way to fix this without doing that. 

Have not yet done a factory reset as from what I have read it does not solve the problem but will do tomorrow just in case it works.