Hey Guys,

Instinct have relaunched the Jiggy website. Now that Jiggy has a new interface we hope that it will get some more traction. I hope that it is a success for our client not only because it is good business model for New Zealand artists but (now back to wearing my geek hat) because it is also a great example of web 2.0 mixed with some really great functionality!

The main features as I see them are:

  • Its full of Ajax making the user experience a nice one
  • The design and use of web 2.0 gradients is nice on the eye
  • There isnt an easier way to buy an MP3... then sending an SMS
  • The flash MP3 previews are pretty cool and make it harder to steal sound files

So what are your thoughts? Tell me its better then Coke Tunes. What really kicks is that the music will even play on your iPod!!! We're currently in the process of developing a whole new range of additional features for artists and users. If you have any feedback or suggestions email them to dan@instinct.co.nz