Hi, I've been trawling the internet for a few days looking for a solution to sharing photos (scanned from old family photo albums) with people tags created in Windows Photo Gallery with my family and to allow them to add additional tags, add captions, add date taken etc and then sync back to my computer. So far about 600 photos and 300MB with three boxes to go! 

Facebook seems to popup in all my searches but I don't trust Facebook and in any event I need to be able to tag people who don't have Facebook accounts, e.g. my great grandfather who is long passed!

Microsoft Skydrive would be an obvious solution, but it doesn't seem to allow other people to update people tags and other details online and doesn't seem to provide means to sync back any changes (also it doesn't display photos in chronological order). Picasa/Goolge+ is another possibly obvious solution, but it seems to have same problem as Facebook ... I think it can only tag people with accounts but in any event the Windows Photo Gallery tags don't show up in Picasa/Goolge+.

I note that there are a number of other photo hosting sites but no definitive information on whether my people tags will display. I'm open to suggestions.

I'm also willing to considering hosting as a Wordpress site on my Ubuntu home server if I can find a good plugin although I'm only just starting to find my way around Wordpress and am worried about it using up my data and poor connection speeds for family. I would consider other solutions for my Ubuntu home server provided relatively easy to install (I'm a newbie to Linux).

I would appreciate any feedback/tips on what to try next and maybe some other people are having similar issues finding good quality information? (or is it just me?)