I used to have an Olympus TG-1 camera which had in-camera charging of it's battery via USB. The Panasonic DMC-FT5 that I now have requires the use of an External Mains powered wall charger to charge it's battery (DMW-BCM13E). Question is, is there any adapters / devices people recommend that would allow me to charge a DMW-BCM13E battery via USB say through a power bank? (Particularly handy when you're on the go, such as multi-day tramping. Granted, USB power charging is a lot slower but found that the ability to charge the TG-1 via USB was immensely handy)

It appears there are things like the Lenmar clip charger and PIXO Universal charger, but it seems no one in New Zealand sells either of these. A NZ specific search seems to turn up tons of cheap 12v car chargers (of unknown quality), but few if any products that would allow charging of this battery via a USB power source.

Thanks for any suggestions / recommendations.