Have seen a couple of threads but mostly several years old so hoping for more up to date comments.

Looking for geek input on a permanent meeting room conferencing setup that we can use for the following

RDP to local lan desktops
General Web access

Thinking a ultraslim windows desktop connected to a 48"+ screen with a decent camera and desktop microphone. Also using a Logitech unifying receiver wireless keyboard (preferably with trackpad) to control both the TV/Screen and the PC.

Does anyone have any suggestions re screen/camera/desktop microphone? Would prefer a screen with a display port input for simplicity but I guess a display port to DVI adapter could work but have had screen scaling problems with setups like this before. Maybe a display port to HDMI adapter might be better to use to pass audio to the screen? Have seen the Logitech ConferenceCam CC3000e which looks great, especially the NFC speakerphone function but could possibly be overkill and a good way to double the cost of the solution.

Lets hear what you've got :)