I guess this broadly fits into the Digital Imaging definition, so I hope this is the best place for this question.

We do a lot of document imaging at home, scanning all correspondence that arrives and storing it into a document library on the WHS box.  Till now we have used an Epson multifunction Printer/Scanner/Fax, which has worked fine until the document feeder packed up last week.  So I am looking for a replacement document scanner with a document feeder for bulk scanning.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to an appropriate domestic document scanner that has a document feeder and a network card and one that is reliable?  I have reached the conclusion that the multifunction devices, whilst convenient, are not really that reliable. I am reminded of the saying - Jack of all trades but master of none!

Perhaps I might get a better run from a dedicated document scanner.  Any suggestions or recommendations would be helpful.

Cheers Mike