I had an interesting experience the other day.

A buddy asked, can I copy text from Instagram, because he couldn't.

He was wanting  to translate some Japanese from a follower. I tried it and said, just just "long-press" on the comment and the bottom choice is "copy text".

It wouldn't work for him.  We both have Nexus 5's on Android 5.1

The next day at work we checked our IG versions. Mine was 6.21 and his was 6.22. I checked in the Playstore to see if mine needed upgrading and it said no!  how bizzare is that ?

He has his stuff on auto-update, I have mine on manual update.

Yesterday I went to try to copy some text again from my IG, and it didnt work !!

I checked my version and it was now the same as my buddies. 6.22 !

I had not manually updated my IG.

I went to the Playstore and it said I needed an update..... My buddies phone is not being told he needs an update, and we are both on 6.22

Are these things being updated on the sly?