I’m an admin for a large Pokémon Go community and have just set up a Discord server for it. I created a channel in the server to display tweets from the official Pokémon Go Twitter account, using an IFTTT applet to create a webhook. It’s been working fine, but last night, on Twitter, I replied to someone’s tweet using my personal Twitter account and that tweet got picked up by my applet and posted in the Pokémon Discord server, although I haven’t set up an applet to forward tweets from my own Twitter account to anywhere. Can anyone please help me understand why it happened so I can prevent it from happening again?


If it helps, I’m using the “new tweet from search” trigger and the condition from:pokemongoapp plus a couple of filters to ignore replies and retweets. My personal tweet that got forwarded was a reply from my Twitter account to two people, neither being pokemongoapp, containing a link to my group’s Facebook page. I’m mystified as to why it got picked up by the applet, but I am also very new at this and perhaps I have done something silly?