Lots of the big applications like Facebook and Twitter were built by a few people with a good idea and not necessarily a lot of money. Kiwis are full of ideas, but often don't seem to get far when it comes to commercialisation.

If anyone is looking at social networking with a location based element, I am keen to assist with GeoSmart tools (free Developer Agreements) or if you want to throw ideas around. I have attended conferences and try to keep up with this area and may be able to help with feasibility of ideas. There are a huge number of developments around the world, many have thrown a lot of money away using concepts that didn't work and we can learn from some of those. Often the concept wasn't flawed, but technology elements were.

There are lots of sceptics out there and lots of people who will knock ideas. Lots of people knocked the idea of text messaging on mobile. Many more knocked the idea of Twitter, with comments like who cares what you had for breakfast. Twitter now is being seen by many as the fastest way to find out about things going on in the world and seen as a serious rival to Google for first in news. A simple idea like broadcasting 140 character messages is now becoming very valuable.

Do you have any ideas for Kiwi apps? We have some great opportunities here. Rugby World Cup for example. Tourism is another. I'd love to see some consumer advocacy applications for various industries.