Not sure if lawn mowers go in this forum but it seemed the best fit.


We just traded our 12 year old John Deere 2305 tractor and mower deck for a Deere Zero Turn mower - a Z540M.


The tractor was great when we had the original 18 acres we started with but we sold off 8 of them and then fenced a fair chunk of the remainder into livestock paddocks, so the amount of rough grass to mow had fallen a good deal, as had the need for a machine with 4WD, diff locks, 3 point hitch and so on.


I got a good line on a 2 year old Z540 that had only 102 hours on it and decided a more mower-like mower would suit our remaining mowing needs better.


It was delivered today and I have to say Zero Turn mowers take a bit of getting used to!


I spent a couple of hours mowing more open areas and not getting too close to fences etc because it's effectively a skid steer mower rather than a conventionally steered one, and learning the precision needed to use it with the deck edge 2" from a fenceline for a 50m run will take some time.


Overall, it's very fast (too fast if you are not paying attention - up to 14kmh) and I think our mowing time will be cut quite noticeably - which I am fully in favour of!


Anyone else tried one?