Not sure if this should be in the Quickflix or TiVo area  but as the streaming QuickFlix service on my Chromecast works I put it here.

Over the past few days i have not been able to download any TV programs as a part of my  subscription.   I've always had this problem as long as I've had a TiVo.  Sometime I have to try twice to get it to work and sometime I have to reboot it.  The problem now is that it starts the download and when I check it in the recored program area after downloading they are not there.   When I try to download again it starts but when I check it there is a flashing blue icon next to the program saying it will be deleted between now and 7/2 at 10:30 PM and it's deleted when the download finishes.   The time and date is correct on the TiVo.  Rebooted the TiVo today and retried with the same issue..  Normal recorded programs are OK.   Has Quickflix  use by date arrived or is there a Software bug in the TiVo QuickFlix area ??

Anyone else having this problem??