Hello all.  I have been running my second free trial of the Tidal streaming service over the last fortnight.  Previously a experienced an unacceptable number of dropouts, so I didn't sign on.

Sound quality is very important to me, and in my view Tidal sounds GREAT (in lossless streaming mode).  

For the last fortnight the stability of the service has been great - almost no drop outs, quick and responsive, until today.

Now songs take a good 10 seconds to buffer before playing, and almost always stop to buffer after 10 to 12 seconds.  Buffering can tak up to 30 seconds.  Obviously this is unusable.

My Netflix performance today has been fine, so I am presuming the problem is with Tidal.  This is a shame, as I really want this service to work, and internet chatter about its unreliability has really quietened lately.

I am keen to test the stability (i.e. packet loss) of my Vodafone VDSL, to see if the problem lies there.  Speedtests (https://www.speedtest.net/) consistently show 23+ down. 

My question is - is there anything else I can do to trouble shoot this?  (I haven't found a ping test online that seems to work).