Received this today, they are also  moving to a paid service. You would think they would have waited a week to sort out their solution to problem first. I only trailed them signed with dns4me as dns jumper showed their speeds to be very slow. Not surprising as their servers aren't local.




As you might have read in the press Netflix has started a crusade against users that apply VPN and Smart DNS services to watch Netflix "abroad".


The unlimited country hopping that we have been used to is unfortunately over. If you visit several Netflix countries in a short timeframe Netflix will catch you and blacklist your Netflix-account. Netflix will also put the Stremr servers that you used to access foreign Netflix in their "black book".


When Stremr has been noted several times in the Netflix "black book", Stremr's servers will be blacklisted - which will hurt all users.


So from Fabruary 1'st. we will introduce limitations on the amount of country hopping that can be done on Netflix to make sure that a few careless users don't spoil it for everybody. This means that if you are sitting in Australia and want to watch US Netflix you can still do that - but you cannot switch from country to country in a short timeframe.


Netflix has changed the way that the Netflix apps work. (Keep the old apps if you can) In the new Netflix apps it's not enough to block Google DNS - the app simply won't work if you block Google DNS. Instead Google DNS need to be intercepted/redirected. This can (so far) only be done by special routers with this capability.

But Stremr will soon (in a week or so) bring out a solution that will enable users with ordinary routers to get devices with Netflix apps working.


On devices with Netflix apps you should, from now on, never put the Stremr DNS directly in the device as Netflix will immediately detect this and blacklist your account.


The safest device on which to watch Netflix is currently a PC. The tricks that Netflix apply, on other devices, simply isn't possible on a PC.